Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nothing really

I find it very difficult to write if i do not have anything unusual or interesting to express.
But then, that is what differentiates the artists from the technicians.

So, as an experiment, without risking too much of my lack of talent,let me choose a topic and write, without having anything unusual to express.

Atlantic city; I like the name. That's it. But as a place to travel to - i sense a repulsiveness within me.
Images of wealthy old people, smoking and drinking and gambling. A place with a purpose but without a soul. Yes, that is it.

End of the experiment.

I cannot write more than that, even if i were to get paid.


  1. haha .. i even forgot this blog existed.
    thanks for reminding .. :-)

    may be i can start something..

  2. Have we ditched the experiment?

  3. He he . . Thanks for posting a comment here !! That reminds me. Now the next thing. Actually write something !!

  4. haha.. this one's for you.

    if that does'nt work, go watch jhoom barabar jhoom. :P